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Put together your own 10 pack Pro Supps sample box for $16

pro supps

It’s not always easy investing in a full size tub of a new flavor, as there is the chance you’ll end up with 20 or more servings of something you just don’t like. The same goes with all new supplements, as you may get stuck with something like a pre-workout or fat burner that doesn’t work too well for you. Pro Supps has actually put together something to solve this problem for its fans, introducing a sample box.

The idea is fairly straightforward, for $15.99 you will get 10 samples of Pro Supps products. You do have a choice as to what those 10 are, as the brand allows you to pick from a list of 11 for each one. For example if you want five samples of two different supplements, or two of five different supplements, you can do that. The list of products does have quite the variety including the likes of Mr. Hyde in three flavors, the fat burner Vanish and two of PS Whey’s unique options, Campfire Marshmallow and Glazed Doughnut.

To pick out the supplements you’d like to try for your own Pro Supps sample box, simply visit the brand’s official website.

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