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Protein Wars III, Round 2: Removal of fake votes changes two outcomes

protein wars

Last year we unfortunately had our first lot of fake votes entered into the Protein Wars. After removing them from the results we saw a decision reversed, which was extremely important as the honest opponent went on to win the title. This year despite the warnings in posts and on the Protein Wars page we’ve had a similar thing take place. Just as we did last year we’ve removed the suspicious votes, resulting in the change of two outcomes.

The clean contests were MuscleMeds versus Rivalus, and Muscle Sports versus Pro Supps. When the polls closed this morning Rivalus ended up taking out MuscleMeds on 52%, and Muscle Sport finishing with a total a little more convincing at 54%. The two battles that we’ve had to adjust are BSN versus RSP Nutrition, and Beast Sports versus Muscle Elements. Regardless of what you saw if you caught the final results this morning before they were removed, the actual winners and percentages are BSN with Syntha-6 on 51%, and Muscle Elements with the Truth on 55%.

We do have to mention that the blame can’t go to any specific brand, especially since the fake votes were spread across most of the competitors. Some did receive more votes than others, either way to make it fair for everyone the whole lot was removed. Even though it is as mentioned on the official Protein Wars page, we do ask brands and/or voters to not use bots and other fake voting systems. Not only does it make it unfair but it also ruins what should be a celebratory post for the winners.

Drama and controversy aside, we’ve now got our first four protein powders confirmed for the quarter finals of Protein Wars III, which will take place next week.

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