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Pro Supps’ Swag collection gets two new hoodies

ps swag

Just as quick as Pro Supps is introducing new flavors for current supplements, recently naming two for PS Isolate in less than a week. The brand is also consistently launching items for its fast growing PS Swag line. Following on from the unveiling of Peanut Butter Cookie PS Isolate, Pro Supps has now added to its clothing collection once again with two new hoodies. The products that have been introduced are the Red Mr. Hyde hoodie, and the gray or technically Dark Heather PS Squared hoodie.

You can actually get a good look at the items in the image above, with both featuring the brand’s name on the front and their own graphic on the back. Pro Supps fans interested in picking up either hoodie, the Red Mr. Hyde or Dark Heather PS Squared. Can now actually head to the brand’s dedicated PS Swag website, where both have been priced at $49.99, and are available in five sizes small, medium, large, XL and 2XL.

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