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Black Onyx Series gets its first basic with Ultra Carnitine 3X

ultra carnitine 3x

Muscletech has unveiled another addition to its SX-7 Black Onyx line, introducing Ultra Carnitine 3X. Not only is the supplement the brand’s fifth for the spin-off series, but it is also its first basic Black Onyx formula. While the original red SX-7 line has a number of straightforward products, up until now Muscletech has only released complex supplements for the Black Onyx series with the likes of Test 3X and PhosphaGrow.

Muscletech describes Ultra Carnitine 3X as a triple source carnitine formula, obviously meaning it features three types of carnitine. As fitting as that is for a product called Ultra Carnitine 3X, it does appear that there is more to the weight loss solution. Right on the bottle of the supplement it also says that it features canephora robusta, although since we don’t yet have a look at its facts panel we can’t confirm doses for canephora or the carnitine blend.

Fans of Muscletech’s SX-7 Black Onyx Series can actually expect to see Ultra Carnitine 3X on shelves soon, as it is due to be released sometime over the next few weeks.

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