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Couple of Venture Bar macros revealed but with some bad news

venture bar

For those that have been waiting for Controlled Labs’ high-anticipated, and extremely long time coming Venture Bar, today we have both good and bad news. Early last month we posted about the brand changing its Venture Bar launch month for a 7th time to “coming 2015”. The bad news is it has now changed for an extremely unfortunate 8th time to January of next year. The Venture Bar website doesn’t yet reflect that, however it is a deadline that’s been announced by Controlled Labs.

The good news is that this is the first time the Venture Bar launch has changed and we’ve got a little something to go with it. In combination with pushing its protein bar back into next year, Controlled Labs has also released images of the supplement. Previously we only had one shot of the bar, which didn’t really have anything on it outside of its flavor name. We can now confirm that each Venture Bar will have 20g of protein, and either 18, 19 or 20g of fiber depending on the flavor.

As bad as the news is that the product’s been pushed back again, the first real look at the Venture Bar does kind of make up for it. Hopefully the next thing we see is the back of the supplement or a even date for when its dropping in January.

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