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CLA 4X Black Onyx adds another to Muscletech’s spin-off SX-7 series

cla 4x black onyx

Just when we thought Muscletech couldn’t possibly have any more new supplements up its sleeve, one more has been spotted. For those that missed the news last week the brand confirmed five new products, following on from unveiling its all new Pro Series, and before that a number of new Black Onyx additions. The latest from Muscletech is in fact another supplement for the spin-off SX-7 Black Onyx Series with CLA 4X Black Onyx.

At the moment all we have on the product is its name and the relatively uninformative image you can see above. While it is small there are a few details we can get from the picture, including confirmation of at least three ingredients outside of its title mentioned CLA. From what we can make out CLA 4X Black Onyx does look a lot like the brand’s other upcoming supplement in the series, Ultra Carnitine 3X. The formula is basically a stimulant free, weight loss combination with the guaranteed CLA being joined by green coffee bean, carnitine and garcinia cambogia.

With the image really being all we have, we don’t obviously know any of the doses for any of the CLA 4X Black Onyx ingredients. You can however count on finding out exactly what they are when the supplement’s label is finally released, as like all of Muscletech’s others it will be 100% transparent.

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