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Finaflex Clear Protein coming soon in Frosted Churro

clear protein

Finaflex has been one of the few supplement companies in 2015 to consistently release products throughout the year. One of those was the gainer Absolute Mass, the brand’s first protein type formula. Finaflex has now unveiled its second protein powder just before the year comes to a close, introducing Clear Protein. Compared to Absolute Mass the supplement does appear to be a much more straightforward protein product, looking like a more mainstream competitor.

Since we don’t have Clear Protein’s label just yet, we don’t unfortunately have all of its details. With that said we do know a few things about the supplement, one of which makes it a lot more interesting than it appears. Per serving the product will have 22g of protein, a low amount of fat and no added sugar. It will also be coming in at least one size, a 30 serving 2.38lb. Where it all gets interesting is with the one Clear Protein flavor confirmed so far in Frosted Churro. As far as we know Finaflex is the first to do a churro flavored protein, as it’s certainly not an option we’ve come across before.

Clear Protein is expected to be released sometime next month, where we look forward to seeing what else Finaflex has put together for the supplement.

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