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Fitmiss Glutamine finally released one year later

fitmiss glutamine

Fitmiss fans may remember an image that surfaced late last year featuring four new alternatively branded, basic supplements. The products in the picture were BCAA, 5-HTP, Glutamine and Energy. Since then only one of the four has been released, with the flavored BCAA formula simply titled BCAA. Now after well over a year, one more supplement from that image has shown up, with Fitmiss Glutamine finally becoming available.

Just as it’s titled, the brand’s second straightforward product features only the one ingredient in glutamine, with 30 5g servings packed into each tub. One of, if not the first place to stock Fitmiss Glutamine is none other than Muscle & Strength who currently has the supplement priced at $19.96.

At the moment the store has just the one flavor in stock in Tropical Twist, although it does look like there may in fact be two others. While it’s not in stock yet, Muscle & Strength is listing Unflavored, and also has a Raspberry Pomegranate Fitmiss Glutamine pictured, however it is not listed.

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