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Myprotein launches its 14 product Organic Raw Naturals Range

myprotein organic range

The fast growing brand Myprotein has introduced yet another new line of products today, three months after launching its massive 65 item Myprotein Meats series. The name of the new line is the Myprotein Organic Raw Naturals Range, which just as the name explains is a collection of natural whole food ingredients. In total the series is made up of 14 different supplements, including things like proteins, cacaos, fruits and super greens.

The 14 products making up the Myprotein Organic Raw Naturals Range are the powders Guarana, Hemp Protein, Lucuma, Maca, Cacao, Chlorella and Camu Camu. Shelled Hemp and Chia seeds, Chlorella Tablets, and Cacao Butter Buttons, Beans, Liquor Buttons and Raw Cacao Nibs. The supplements all come packaged in a more natural looking brown branded bag, and vary in price from as low as £2.99 for the Cacao Powder to as high as £19.99 for the Maca Powder.

To help with the launch of its line, Myprotein is offering a straight discount on all 14 Organic Raw Naturals products. The amount is 20% off, dropping items like the 300g Hemp Protein Powder to £6.39 and the 300g Chia Seeds to £3.19. To get the savings simply enter the coupon code “NATURALS” at checkout through the brand’s main website, which will also get you a free recipe e-book.

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