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NOx Test formula revealed as the supplement is released

nox test

Details on Muscletech’s recently revealed SX-7 Black Onyx Series supplement NOx Test, have been released in combination with the product also becoming available. For those that missed the original post on NOx Test from last week, the supplement is basically promoted as both a pump and testosterone boosting formula. This week’s launch finally gives us a look at the contents of the product, seeing Muscletech rely on nine ingredients to deliver on its pump and test promises.

As you’d expect NOx Test’s formula is split up into two blends, an N.O. Pump Matrix and an Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic Complex. Starting with the Pump Matrix, the smaller but heavier blend of the two, you have four features with 1.5g of Pepform citrulline, 1g arginine, 200mg quercetin and 150mg of red wine extract. Making up the other half of NOx Test are the five remaining ingredients with 771mg of rhodiola, 250mg broccoli (for diindolylmethane), 200mg boron, 50mg bladderwrack extract and 5.4mg of ginkgo biloba.

The pump and test combination is officially described as an “intense nitric oxide and muscle pump inducing formula with the added benefit of boosting testosterone.” Muscletech also actually promotes NOx Test as a very stackable supplement, encouraging fans to mix it with their pre-workout or testosterone booster of choice.

Like all of Muscletech’s other SX-7 Black Onyx Series products, NOx Test is currently only available at GNC. The retailer has priced the pump and testosterone boosting supplement at $99.99 for a 30 serving bottle, or $20 less at $79.99 for Gold Card members.

Muscletech SX-7 Black Onyx NOx Test

nox test

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