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Orange Mango Intra Blast joins Fruit Punch and Passion Fruit

orange mango intra blast

To start the week off on Monday, Nutrabio announced that it had a new flavor on the way for its May 2015 released intra-workout formula Intra Blast. The brand decided to keep the name of the flavor a mystery, although two days later it has now confirmed it. The new addition to the product joining its other two tastes Fruit Punch and Passion Fruit, is a third fruity recipe with Orange Mango Intra Blast. We can’t yet see it on Nutrabio’s official store, although we do imagine it will be available there before anywhere else, presumably for the brand’s usual price of $39.99 a tub.

Update: Nutrabio’s all new Orange Mango Intra Blast has actually been launched for a limited time price of $28.79 with a free shaker.

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