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Pre-order Pro Supps’ two new PS Isolates at half price

ps isolate

Last month Pro Supps unveiled two all new flavors for its isolate protein powder PS Isolate. The options the brand confirmed for the supplement were Cookies and Cream, and Peanut Butter Cookie. As promised Pro Supps has now made the two available, or at least available to pre-order, direct through its website. Fortunately like the brand has done many other times, it has introduced its latest innovations with a bit of discount. Instead of being the usual PS Isolate prices of $57.99 for 2lbs and $114.99 for 4lbs. Fans interested in giving Cookies and Cream and/or Peanut Butter Cookie a go can save 50% with the coupon code “PSISO50“, dropping the products down to just $28.99 and $57.49.

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