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Stacked Protein confirmed as EVL’s upcoming protein powder

stacked protein

EVL has finally unveiled its entirely new upcoming supplement, that was confirmed almost two weeks ago as a protein powder. The name of the product is Stacked Protein, which we do have to say despite obviously being a lot similar to our own name, is not related to us in any way. The first look at the supplement is all the brand has released so far, although like most first looks we do get a number of details from the bottle product.

We do already know Stacked Protein is going to be a whey formula, as EVL hinted at in a previous teaser. The other details we now have on top of that and the supplement’s name are 25g of protein per serving, with an added 5g each of glutamine and BCAAs. The product also promotes a combination of fast and slow release proteins, meaning that Stacked Protein will have a blend of two or more different types of protein.

The only other slightly important pieces of information we have are that Stacked Protein will be coming in at least one size of 4lbs, and in at least one flavor in Vanilla Ice Cream. Unfortunately we don’t yet have an exact week or month for the launch of the supplement, we do however know it won’t be available before the end of the year.

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