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Ultra Carnitine 3X featuring 1.7g of carnitine per serving

ultra carnitine 3x

As well as launching its Black Onyx Series CLA 4X, today Muscletech has also finally made one of its other new Black Onyx supplements available, Ultra Carnitine 3X. Like all good product launches, the arrival of both supplements has of course brought with it all the details we’ve been missing. You can find everything you need to know about CLA 4X here, with this post being all about the carnitine titled formula.

Much like with CLA 4X, previously we did already know quite a bit about Ultra Carnitine 3X, including that it features three different carnitines as well as green coffee bean. Starting with exactly what the product’s three carnitines are, packed into each three capsule serving of Ultra Carnitine 3X is a rather large 1.7g blend of carnitine tartrate, ALCAR and fumarate. Following on from that is the promised green coffee bean at 200mg, then lastly we have just one more ingredient with 15mg of grains of paradise.

Ultra Carnitine 3X is now in stock at GNC alongside CLA 4X, with the former actually costing a little less than the latter. Muscletech’s Black Onyx carnitine competitor is exactly $10 cheaper priced at $59.99, or $49.99 for Gold Card members.

Muscletech Ultra Carnitine 3X Black Onyx

ultra carnitine 3x

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