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White Chocolate Mint Select launched for only $20.99

white chocolate mint select

Almost two weeks after teasing all its fans with news of a Christmas inspired Select Protein flavor. PES has now finally revealed and released its mystery limited edition option. The latest from the brand is in fact one we saw a few people guess correctly, with PES introducing White Chocolate Mint Select. Being limited edition, the product is of course only going to be available for a limited time. Although despite that the brand has launched it with another one of its awesome introductory deals.

To get a hold of the new White Chocolate Mint Select, all you need to do is visit the official PES website and you’ll find it listed on the normal Select Protein page. The price you’ll see is $29.98, which is a lot lower than the store’s usual 2lb price of $42.75, however that’s not the introductory deal. Basically add White Chocolate Mint to your cart, then at checkout enter the coupon “INSIDER”, and it will be discounted all the way down to $20.99 a tub.

The same coupon will also get you big discount on 2lb tubs of Blondie Select and the stimulant free fat burner Shift, dropping them both $21.99 each. The White Chocolate Mint Select sale is actually going to be running for a total of 5 days, ending midnight Tuesday.

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