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Animal not saying a lot about its Secret Project


Some extremely interesting news has come in from Animal today about a supplement that for now is just being referred to as the Secret Project. All we really know about the product is that is in fact going to be some kind of supplement, and that’s about it. It is also very clear that the brand wants to keep the product under wraps for as long as possible, so the mystery does definitely make us wonder.

While we don’t have much to go off, in fact absolutely nothing to go off, we do still have a few guesses at what the supplement might be. Based on Animal being so vague about its Secret Project, we get the feeling that any kind of hint or clue might give it all away. With that in mind we are thinking the mystery product may be something entirely new, such as an all new category or a unique combination of supplements.

There is also the chance that the Secret Project is a reformulation of one of Animal’s current competitors, that it simply wants to keep on the down low. If that is the case the brand will probably be going after one of the more popular categories with an update to a product like Animal Rage, Pump or Cuts.

While the brand hasn’t said a lot about what the supplement actually is, it does have a bit of a production update. According to Animal it is currently putting the finishing touches on its Secret Project, and is aiming to have something to show fans in the beginning of March at the Arnold Classic.

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