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Black Market’s January Guerrilla Edition will be its 33rd unique flavor

black market

After officially making it three years of monthly limited edition flavors in December, Black Market is now getting ready to kick off its fourth year. As always the underground brand is going to be launching its latest Guerrilla Edition on the last Monday of the month, which for January is of course two days from now. While Black Market hasn’t yet confirmed what its next limited edition flavor is going to be, it has dropped some interesting clues.

Last year Black Market did in fact launch quite a few previously released flavors, one of those being the flavor we saw just last month in Hard Apple Cider. Despite December being a repeat, this month the brand is going to be launching an entirely new Guerrilla Edition. The official title of the recipe has not yet been confirmed, however it will be Black Market’s 33rd unique flavor, with the brand’s last unique one being from two months ago in November with Blood Orange.

Black Market fans can tune in Monday to find out exactly what the flavor is, unless of course the brand unveils the Guerrilla Edition sometime between now and then.

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