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C4 Neuro review: Extra focus enhances the entire C4 experience

c4 neuro review

While we aren’t big fans of Cellucor’s regular G4 Series C4, recently we did manage to get a hold of the more focused powered spin-off pre-workout C4 Neuro. The supplement that is currently only available from and Amazon, is essentially a combination of the regular C4 and a 665mg focus based proprietary blend. Despite our last experience with a C4 not being overly impressive, we decided to give the focus formula a go to find out just how different C4 Neuro is.

If you didn’t catch our original review of the regular C4, we basically found the pre-workout to be a light mix of energy, performance and a very small touch of drive. Much to our surprise, Cellucor’s C4 Neuro is actually quite a bit different to the product that inspired it. It is still light on energy and alright with performance, however the addition of focus really brings the supplement together.

Get in the zone

In our experience good focus pre-workouts tend to start working on your way to the gym. This is definitely the case with C4 Neuro, as it has the ability to clear out your head and get you in the zone before you even pick up your first weight, or even walk in the door. What makes the somewhat strong effect even more interesting is that it doesn’t die out as you progress through your workout. C4 Neuro does well to keep you in a single-minded state the entire time you’re lifting, forcing you to only focus on the iron. It does a great job at helping your forget about everything around you, keeping your attention on the task at hand.

c4 neuro review

Energy enhance somehow

As mentioned we aren’t big fans of the regular C4, however C4 Neuro isn’t as simple as the focus we just described combined with the original. What makes the product so surprising is that the focus side of it makes the usually weak energy quite a bit better. Instead of it being relatively light, the kick and level of energy throughout your workout is taken up notch. Whether it’s because your head is a lot clearer or the formula is that much more complete, C4 Neuro really enhances the whole C4 experience. The energy just feels stronger, which combined with the almost unchanged performance and added focus, will do its best to make sure you don’t leave the gym with anything left.

Time for C4 fans to upgrade

If it wasn’t clear, C4 Neuro is without a doubt a much better pre-workout competitor than the regular C4. The focus noticeably amplifies the power of everything else in the supplement at its maximum of two scoops, basically bringing up its previously lacking energy and performance. The increases do of course move the product up in our book, although only into the area of above average as it is still a long way from the top. Despite having a few things that could improved, C4 Neuro is an effective pre-workout and the supplement you’ll definitely want to switch to if you’re a fan of the regular C4.

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