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Epic wants you to see its product’s results for yourself in its mobile app

epic sport

Today we’d like to turn your attention to an all new brand, and its one extremely interesting, upcoming supplement. The brand is called Epic Sport, with the product having a slightly more self-explanatory name in Epicatechin Sports Drink Mix. Just as the name says, Epic’s one supplement is a flavored epicatechin formula with no word on the exact dose of the main ingredient. While epicatechin certainly isn’t anything new, the way the brand is presenting the product is.

As you can see in the picture above, Epic has wrapped up its formula into a stylish black box, squeezing in a total of seven single serving sachets. Just like the supplement’s inclusion of epicatechin the stylish packaging isn’t anything new, the app that accompanies it however is.

Basically Epic has put together a mobile application to use in combination with its upcoming product. The app has been designed to track and show you firsthand the increased blood flow the supplement promises. The app apparently gets all the information it needs from a face or finger tip video, requiring inputs half an hour before taking the Epicatechin Sports Drink Mix, and two hours after your workout. In the words of the brand the “app measures your peripheral blood pulse waves using advanced video signal processing. The measurements can be taken using the camera which records facial pulse waves, or by your index finger if light levels are low.”

To find out more about Epic and its app partnered product simply visit It is there where you can also now pre-order the brand’s Epicatechin Sports Drink Mix for $14.99 in its one seven serving Cacao & Coconut option. Pre-orders are expected to ship in about four weeks time, and will also come with a free 600ml EPIC shaker bottle.

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