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Fighter Fuel reflavored and reformulated with more ClusterDextrin

fighter fuel

Nutrabio has continued its reveal rampage this week announcing the coming of yet another new supplement. Following on from all its new flavors and last week’s news of another Muscle Matrix product, the brand has confirmed that a reformulated and reflavored Fighter Fuel is on the way. So far Nutrabio hasn’t said a whole lot about the updated pre-workout only confirming one of the changes made to its formula, as well as its two new flavors.

The one change that we can confirm for what is going to be the brand’s third version of Fighter Fuel, is that it will have 35% more ClusterDextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrin). Since the current formula has 15g of it, an extra 35% would take the pre-workout up to around 20g. As for the supplement’s new flavors, replacing the originals Grape and Lemon Lime are another two fruity recipes with Raspberry Lemonade and Green Apple.

More information on Fighter Fuel V3, if there is any, is due to be available later this week with the product itself also expected to be released later this week.

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