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Highlights confirmed for Infinite Labs’ still upcoming Juggernaut X

juggernaut x

Almost three months ago a preview of Infinite Labs’ upcoming pre-workout supplement Juggernaut X was released. Since we got that first look which really only confirmed that the brand had put together a new pre-workout, we haven’t seen or heard anything more about the product. This week Infinite Labs has actually finally dropped an update on Juggernaut X, giving us a lot more information than we had before.

We can now confirm that Infinite Labs’ upcoming Juggernaut X will have at least four ingredients in it. The four we know of are citrulline which will be dosed at 8g, Creapure creatine and CarnoSyn beta-alanine both at 2.5g each, and lastly the always included caffeine at 350mg. We do of course expect there to be more features to the supplement, although those four are the ones the brand has decided to put on Juggernaut X as highlights.

Unfortunately we still don’t have any idea on when Infinite Labs’ plans on launching Juggernaut X, with the brand leaving it as simply coming soon.

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