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New Karbolyn Hydrate exactly what it sounds like

karbolyn hydrate

Karbolyn from All American EFX is a supplement that’s as straightforward as it sounds, with its only ingredient being the high-performance carbohydrate Karbolyn. Regardless of which of its sizes you go with, each serving of the product packs 50g of Karbolyn. The brand has now put together a spin-off of that very supplement, introducing the somewhat self explanatory Karbolyn Hydrate.

While we have yet to see the official label of EFX’s latest product, the few images we’ve seen of Karbolyn Hydrate do make it sound like a rather obvious spin-off. Based on the details we’ve come across the new supplement appears to be a simple combination of Karbolyn and electrolytes. To be more specific the brand is actually saying the product has a “precise ratio” of electrolytes with sodium, potassium, magnesium and phosphate.

As mentioned we have yet to see Karbolyn Hydrate’s label, so we don’t know for sure that there isn’t anything more in the supplement. It does however sound like Karbolyn and electrolytes are all there is. The intended result of the added electrolytes is of course right in the title, with the product promising better hydration. There doesn’t appear to be any online stores listing Karbolyn Hydrate at the moment, although after seeing pictures of it we can’t imagine it being too far away from shelves, if not available already.

Update 01/29: EFX has released the label for its new Karbolyn Hydrate which you can see below, confirming the exact dose of Karbolyn as well as its “precise ratio” of electrolytes.

EFX Sports Karbolyn Hydrate

karbolyn hydrate

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