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Muscle Matrix MRP adds carbs, fats and vitamins to Nutrabio’s original

muscle matrix mrp

This week Nutrabio has launched the supplement it teased less than one week ago, with its new addition to the Muscle Matrix family. Joining the line’s two previous products, Muscle Matrix Protein and Muscle Matrix Protein For Women, is Muscle Matrix MRP. The all new Nutrabio supplement is exactly what it’s titled, a meal replacement formula for the Muscle Matrix series.

Just like the original Muscle Matrix Protein, Muscle Matrix MRP is made up of two different proteins, whey isolate and micellar casein with an identical total of 25g of protein per serving. Where the product separates itself is with its addition of 25g of carbohydrates thanks to its inclusion of Cluster Dextrin and Fibersol. The supplement also features an extra few grams of fat from coconut oil as well as a small vitamin and mineral complex.

To find out more about the all new Muscle Matrix MRP, head on over to Nutrabio’s website which is also where you can now purchase the product. The meal replacement formula has been priced just a little more than Muscle Matrix Protein at $41.99, with three 18 serving flavors to choose from in Chocolate Milkshake, Creamy Vanilla and Strawberry Smoothie.

Nutrabio Muscle Matrix MRP

muscle matrix mrp

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