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Muscletech After Build label reveals a combination of 12 ingredients

muscletech after build

The official label for the upcoming Lab Series post-workout Muscletech After Build has been released, confirming a combination of 12 different ingredients. The supplement has a number of features from some of the brand’s many amino competitors, as well as a few other ingredients that make it more of a post-workout. Like all of Muscletech’s products lately, After Build is transparently dosed with exact amounts available for each of its 12 features.

Like all good post-workouts Muscletech After Build does of course feature BCAAs, with a 6g dose at a ratio of 4:1:1. Moving on down the list, the supplement also includes 2.5g of betaine, 2g each of glutamine and creatine monohydrate, and 1g each of taurine and creatine HCl. As for the last four features in After Build, you have the product’s electrolyte support blend made up of 63.5mg of sodium chloride, 55.5mg dipotassium phosphate, 50mg coconut water and 5.26mg of BioPerine black pepper. All together After Build’s 12 ingredient combination promises to help with recovery and strength as well as ATP regeneration.

Despite essentially everything you need to know about Muscletech After Build now being available, we’re still not sure on exactly when the supplement is due to be released. The only real details we have about its launch are that it will be exclusive to like the other Lab Series product, and that it will be coming in at least one 30 serving flavor with Fruit Punch.

Muscletech After Build

muscletech after build

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