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New Post Recovery flavors also add 5 more servings at no extra cost

Passion Fruit Post Recovery

This week Nutrabio has continued what is quickly becoming a spree of new flavors, introducing two more for another current supplement. The latest releases from the brand are all new options for its post-workout formula Post Recovery. Previously the product was available in three options, Peach Mango, Grape and Unflavored. Nutrabio will in fact be keeping that total the same, but replacing Peach Mango and Grape with Orange Mango and Passion Fruit Post Recovery. While more flavors are definitely exciting, the news actually doesn’t end there for the supplement.

With the launch of Orange Mango and Passion Fruit also comes an increase in servings for Post Recovery. Originally the product packed 25 servings per tub, although now every one of its flavors has an extra 20% with a total of 30. Your first thought might be how much does that add to the price? While it may be difficult to believe the five extra servings have not altered the cost of Post Recovery. You can see so for yourself at Nutrabio’s website where the supplement is still priced at $39.99, which is also where Orange Mango and Passion Fruit Post Recovery is now available.

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