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Reformulated R1 Pre Train featuring mostly increases

r1 pre train

Rule One Proteins has both revealed and released an all new version of its pre-workout supplement R1 Pre Train. On the outside the product doesn’t actually look too different, however on the inside the brand has made a number of changes. It’s not so much that Rule One has added or removed any ingredients, as almost all of the changes it’s made are actually to doses of the original’s formula.

Starting with the features Rule One has kept the same for the new R1 Pre Train, both CarnoSyn beta-alanine and tyrosine have held on to their original amounts at 1.6g and 1g in two full scoops. Next we have the 2:1:1 BCAAs which have been bumped up by half a gram, the citrulline doubled to 2g, taurine halved to 1g. And instead of a 1g blend of arginine AKG and agmatine the two are now separate, with 1.5g of AAKG and half a gram of agmatine.

Last but not least we have the one new addition to the formula which is betaine, and R1 Pre Train’s energy blend. Rule One has included betaine at 1g, with the energy blend being the same three ingredient combination of caffeine, green tea and green coffee, just at 300mg per two scoops instead of 260. The updates suggest fans of the pre-workout will still be very familiar the experience, with all the changes likely only making it better.

To go with R1 Pre Train’s new formula, Rule One has also reflavored the supplement as well as put together two new flavors for it. Alongside the improved originals Blue Raspberry, Orange, Fruit Punch and Green Apple, the product’s menu now has Watermelon Splash and Pineapple Crush.

As mentioned Rule One has both revealed and released its reformulated and reflavored supplement, with the all new R1 Pre Train already available direct from its website. You can purchase the pre-workout in any of its usual three sizes, 10, 30 and 60 servings, although the 30 serving is the only one with all six flavors.

Rule One Proteins reformulated R1 Pre Train

r1 pre train

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