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Top 5 Brands Of 2015: And the nominees are

brands of the year

It is that time of the year again we go over the past 12 months and pick what we believe to be the top five brands of 2015. The names that made the list last year from 1st to 5th were Myokem, Muscle Elements, Jim Stoppani’s Jym, Chaos and Pain and MAN Sports. Three of those five are actually back in the running to be in the top five again this year, as today we have our 10 nominees for 2015 which is basically our top 10 in no specific order.

The names that have made the list for the 2015 brand awards are Inspired, Chaos and Pain, Dedicated, Kaged Muscle, MTS, Muscletech, Animal, iSatori, MAN Sports and Myokem. For those that don’t know how we pick our favorites, it comes down to a few things. Firstly we look back to see how busy and consistent a brand was when it comes to releases, such as new supplements, flavors, reformulations and so on. We also take into consideration how much buzz the releases caused as well as how creative they were, and of course the quality of each of them. A brand’s interaction with its fans is another big thing, which is basically how well it did giveaways, promotions, and put itself out there.

Our top five brands of 2015 will officially be announced over the next couple of weeks, with the first one (5th place) being named and posted about early next week.

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