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Dedicated Unstoppable V2 coming in three different versions


The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Dedicated Nutrition has unveiled the sequel to its #1 rated pre-workout supplement Unstoppable, which will still be going by the same name. To make the unveiling of the all new Unstoppable a little more interesting, the brand has also passed on a few details. We don’t unfortunately know any of the product’s ingredients, however the first look and extra information are more than enough.

We’re going to start by breaking down the first look of Unstoppable V2, which you can see for yourself in the picture above. In the image we find out that the supplement is going to have the usual 30 servings, working out to 8g a serving based on its overall weight of 240g. We also get confirmation of at least one flavor for the legendary pre-workout in Lemon Shock.

Moving on to the details you don’t get from the first look, in total we have two very important pieces of information to share. The first is that Dedicated plans on launching Unstoppable V2 within the first three months of the year. The second piece of information is where things get a lot more interesting as the brand has revealed that the sequel pre-workout will be coming in three different versions. We don’t yet know for certain what any of the three will be, although we do have plenty of guesses such as a stimulant free, extreme, international, pump powered, or even an all natural version.

With the all new Unstoppable due to be released sometime in the next few months, we imagine more details will be along quite soon so definitely stay tuned.

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