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Vitalinx to enter Pro Supps into the multi-vitamin market


Pro Supps has unveiled an all new supplement this week which is actually going to put the massive brand into an entirely new category. The name of the product is Vitalinx, a multi-vitamin formula. While Pro Supps has unveiled the supplement, we don’t yet know much about the contents of Vitalinx as the preview is all the brand has released. In saying that though the preview does include a number of details that do give you an idea on what’s in the multi-vitamin.

As you’d expect Vitalinx is going to feature a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Pro Supps has also packed it with a few weight management ingredients such as CLA, raspberry ketones and ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine) as well as pre and probiotics. No doubt there is a lot more to the upcoming product than those highlights, however as mentioned for now that is all we have. Unfortunately we also don’t have any idea on when Vitalinx will be available, just that it is coming soon from Pro Supps and ready enough to be previewed.

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