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Massive 100 serving Purus AminOD just 50 cents a serving at GroupOn

100 serving aminod

While we’re not exactly sure when this was launched, we know it’s not something you’ll find at any of the major supplement stores. Currently available through the deal website GroupOn, is a massive 100 serving tub of Purus Labs’ amino cocktail AminOD. Fans of the product will know it was originally released in a 30 serving tub, although at the beginning of last year was upgraded to a 33% bigger 40 serving.

The AminOD GroupOn has is obviously significantly larger than the original and the current 40 serving, with its price point also being very different. Most supplement retailers that stock the Purus Labs amino have 40 serving tubs for around $27, working out to 67 cents per serving. The price on GroupOn’s 100 serving is in fact 25% cheaper, with each tub costing you just $49.99, working out to 50 cents a serving.

You can check out the deal for yourself on GroupOn’s website, where the 100 serving AminOD is still in stock and available in just one of the product’s three flavors with Strawberry Limeade.

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