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Animal makes it 5 exclusives for the Arnold with the Massive Logo tee


If you’re an Animal fan like us attending the upcoming Arnold Classic, and can’t help but purchase every tee the brand releases. You are going to have to make sure you take quite a bit of money to the event in Columbus, Ohio. Previously Animal had already unveiled four items of clothing that would be exclusively available at the Arnold, however it has now gone and introduced yet another making it a total of five.

Following on from the long sleeve thermal, Animal Mass Iconic, Sleeveless Iconic, and the Isolated Whey shirt, comes a new design called the Massive Logo tee. Just as its name explains, the fifth Arnold exclusive product is a blue shirt featuring Animal’s logo as big as it can be right on the front in white. It is of course limited edition, and like the other four items while it is going to be exclusive to the Arnold there is the chance it will be available online after the event.

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