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Animal Whey #12 could finally give fans a peanut butter flavor

animal whey

Just one week after the official launch of Mocha Cappuccino, Animal is already on to teasing its next new Animal Whey flavor. As you can see in the image above the exact name of the product has yet to be revealed, although we have to assume the color the picture has been themed with is relevant. If that is the case then there is really only one option that comes to mind, which is also a flavor almost every protein has.

We are of course talking about peanut butter or chocolate peanut butter, something that Animal has yet to release despite Animal Whey having 11 different flavors. The only other option we can think of related to the teaser’s colors is s’mores, however a peanut butter recipe does sound a lot more likely. Fortunately based on the fact that the supplement’s 12th flavor has been pictured, we probably won’t be waiting too long to find out if peanut butter is what fans are in for.

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