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Beef Freak makes it five different proteins for PharmaFreak

beef freak

Not too long after PharmaFreak originally entered the world of protein powder, it moved on to other more specific areas in the competitive category. The brand is now in almost every corner of protein there is with the gainer Mass Freak, weight loss infused Ripped Freak Protein, the regular formula Protein Freak, and the most recently released Vegan Freak. Details on a fifth PharmaFreak protein have now actually been revealed, introducing the self explanatory supplement Beef Freak.

Just as you’d suspect with a name like Beef Freak, the latest protein from the brand is of course a beef isolate protein powder. The macros making up each 34g serving of the product are 26g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates, zero fat and sugar, with a total of just 120 calories. In the area of sizes and flavors, we only know of the one Beef Freak size at the moment with a 53 serving 4lb, and two flavors in Chocolate and another that we can’t confirm yet but are almost certain is Vanilla.

You can see the official label for PharmaFreak’s new Beef Freak below, and expect to see the supplement on shelves soon. We’re not entirely sure on how far away “soon” is, however looking at the brand’s website it does sound like only international fans will be able to get their hands on it, as it is being promoted as “available internationally” instead of “available everywhere”.

PharmaFreak Beef Freak

beef freak

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