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Cellucor unveils its first real basic supplement with Cor Fish Oil

cor fish oil

The second all new supplement unveiled by Cellucor today is also actually its first real basic type formula. The product is another Cor-Performance Series entry simply called Cor Fish Oil, which is both the brand’s first basic and its first to feature a new Cor-Performance Series look. Instead of the usual black, gray and silver, Cor Fish Oil is almost inverted with a bright white and light gray design.

Moving away from the look of the supplement, Cor Fish Oil is expected to be just a straightforward fish oil formula. We don’t yet know exactly what its contents or doses are, but with a name like it has, we imagine fish oil is all that’s in there. The only other detail worth mentioning is that each bottle of the product packs a total of 90 softgels, which is likely intended to last you the usual 30 days.

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