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Cor Gainer and Cor Casein pictured in latest Cellucor teaser

cor gainer

Cellucor has just released a follow up teaser to the one it dropped early last month. In that original teaser we saw what appeared to be seven supplements, all of which were assumed to be different with two capsule products and five powders. The latest from Cellucor doesn’t tell us anything more about the capsules or most of the powders, however it does confirm the very self-explanatory names of two of the biggest.

Initially the picture doesn’t appear to feature a whole lot, although when you look a little bit closer you can in fact make out the two tubs’ titles. The larger supplement is either Cor Gain or Cor Gainer, and the smaller 2lb Cor Case or Cor Casein. Our guess is that it’s the longer names in both cases as the text on the bottles does appear to wrap around further than we can see.

Obviously the titles are a dead giveaway for what the upcoming Cellucor products are about, with Cor Gainer being what we can only assume is a mass gainer and Cor Casein a casein protein powder. Outside of the names there is just one other detail we can make out for each supplement with confirmation that Cor Gainer has 26 servings in its 5lb looking tub, and 30 servings for Cor Casein.

More information on both Cor Gainer and Casein is expected to be released very soon, as well as more on the other five products from Cellucor’s January teaser.

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