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Cor Glutamine a straightforward unflavored glutamine formula

cor glutamine

Making it four in today’s spree of new Cellucor products is a third basic formula, the first and second being Cor Fish Oil and Cor CLA. The latest name to join the brand’s list of upcoming supplements is Cor Glutamine, an individual ingredient formula obviously featuring glutamine. As you can see in the image above Cor Glutamine is a powder product, also wearing Cellucor’s new white and gray Cor-Performance Series branding.

Each tub of Cor Glutamine weighs in at 360g with a total of 72 unflavored servings, working out to the usual glutamine dose of 5g per serving. Like most supplements featuring the popular ingredient, Cellucor’s effort promises to support “muscle recovery” by restoring glutamine levels.

Something else that Cor Glutamine points at without actually saying it, is that we are starting to see a bit of a theme in today’s Cellucor reveals. First it was the protein Cor Casein, then Fish Oil, CLA and now Glutamine, all of which are Cor-Performance supplements. However many more products are left to be unveiled today, we get the feeling they’re all going to be Cor formulas.

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