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Genoflex released and as promised it only features three ingredients


PES has just launched its previously previewed joint support supplement Genoflex. Up until now all we really knew about the product was that it had three ingredients, none of which were the traditional joint features glucosamine, chondroitin or MSM. Thanks to the release of Genoflex not only do we know exactly what those three are, but you can also now purchase the supplement with another great introductory PES deal.

Firstly the three ingredients making up the joint support formula are 2.9g of cissus quadrangularis, 150mg of passion fruit extract and 100mg of boswellia serrata. Those three are all squeezed into a four capsule serving, with the traditional total of 30 servings per Genoflex bottle.

As for the deal PES has introduced its latest product with, basically you get a discount that drops the supplement all the way down to just $17.99 a bottle. Usually direct from the brand Genoflex costs $25.70, so you’re saving just less than $8. The coupon code you need to use to get that price is “GENO2016“, which does in fact also work on the PES essentials discounting Forskolin-95+ and TruZMA to $14.99 and TruCreatne to $9.99.

PEScience Genoflex


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