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GenOne Nutrition quadruples in size with six new supplements


Up until late last month GenOne Nutrition was just a two supplement brand, with both items competing in two of the industry’s biggest categories. It had the pre-workout Old Jack and the fat burning formula Oxy Shredz Elite, both of which have recently been reformulated to V2 editions. Last week GenOne actually changed all that with a pretty big move by launching six entirely new products. The group quadrupled the size of the brand’s line up and entered it into five new categories, and re-entered it into another with a stimulant free solution.

The six GenOne supplements that are all now available are the protein powder ISO-Gen, amino cocktail Intramino, stimulant free pump pre-workout OG Pump300. The non-hormonal muscle-builder Epibolic, the nutrient partitioner MetaForm-One, and the multi-vitamin formula MV One. While we won’t go over every one of the products, we will highlight a couple of the more interesting ones.

The intra-workout amino Intramino does stand out a bit as instead of going with a traditional BCAA or amino combination. It features a full spectrum of aminos as well as 3g of glutamine and 5g of BCAAs at the rarely seen ratio of 8:1:1. Another one of GenOne’s new six that stands out is the dedicated pump pre-workout OG Pump. Not only does it squeeze in a little more than most stimulant free competitors, but it is transparently dosed with each of its six ingredients at relatively good amounts. The features making up OG Pump are 2.5g of citrulline malate, 2g taurine, 1g each of arginine, agmatine and Hydromax glycerol, and 200mg of norvaline.

To find out more about GenOne Nutrition and any of its eight supplements, including the six new additions, head on over to the brand’s website at

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