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AX combines German Creatine with carbs for German Creatine Loaded

german creatine loaded

Athletic Xtreme has just introduced an all new version of its straightforward creatine supplement German Creatine. The latest from the brand is in fact more of a spin-off, as it features the original’s entire formula as well as a handful of other ingredients. The name of the product is German Creatine Loaded, which staying true to its name is a whole lot more loaded than the regular German Creatine.

The ingredients that separate German Creatine Loaded from the original are 25g of dextrose, 100mg of grapeseed extract, and a 224mg electrolyte blend. According to Athletic Xtreme the new additions that sit alongside 5g of pure German creatine monohydrate, have been included to help “boost absorption by ramping up insulin.” Thanks to the electrolyte blend the brand also promises refueling and recovery support for the supplement.

For a full break down of German Creatine Loaded, you can read all about it on Athletic Xtreme’s official website at If you’d just like a closer look at the product’s formula, we have added its facts panel down below which belongs to its one 28 serving size.

Athletic Xtreme German Creatine Loaded

german creatine loaded

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