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Hydro Casein featuring nothing but hydrolyzed casein

hydro casein

4+ Nutrition continues its march this week towards a total of eight new products to start 2016, with the introduction of yet one more. The latest from the Italian brand is Hydro Casein, a premium hydrolyzed casein protein powder. Hydrolyzed casein certainly isn’t a type of protein you see often, in fact the one used in 4+ Nutrition’s Hydro Casein which is called Hydro 95 C, was researched and developed by the brand itself.

What makes the latest from 4+ Nutrition even more interesting is that Hydro Casein only features hydrolyzed casein protein. The brand hasn’t added flavoring or anything else, giving the supplement an incredibly clean nutrition label. In each of its 25g servings you get 24g of protein, 100mg each of sugar and saturated fat, with a total of just 97 calories.

For a full breakdown of the product, including more information on 4+ Nutrition’s Hydro 95 C, you can check out the brand’s website. It is there where you can also now purchase Hydro Casein in just the one half kilogram tub size, which as mentioned is only available unflavored.

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