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Mango and Orange Sorbet confirmed for BSc’s Hydroxyburn Shred

hydroxyburn shred

Almost a year after the launch of Body Science’s first Gold Label Alpha Series supplement Hydroxy Shred, which is now known as Hydroxyburn Shred. The Australian brand has decided to add to its fat burning menu. At the moment the product can be found in three flavors, Watermelon, Margarita and Blue Lemonade. Those three are soon going to be joined by two more, both keeping the supplement’s somewhat fruity theme going.

The new Hydroxyburn Shred additions confirmed by Body Science which are due to make it five flavors for the product, are Mango and Orange Sorbet. From what we can see neither of the options are available anywhere yet, including the brand’s own website. Both flavors are however being promoted as “new Feb”, meaning we may end up seeing them on shelves before the month is out.

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