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Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino launching exclusively at Campus Protein

mystery flavor iso-amino

MAN Sports has just unveiled an all new flavor for its incredibly well-flavored amino formula ISO-Amino. The last time we saw the brand add to the supplement was actually back in July of last year with Pineapple Express. More than half a year later it is now at it again, although this time it has something a little different. Much like Cellucor did for C4 and Gamma Labs did for G Fuel, MAN has put together a Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino.

The latest from the brand is exactly what it’s titled, a flavor that doesn’t tell you what it tastes like. MAN Sports hasn’t even given any hints, however with nine flavors on the product’s menu we know it’s obviously not going to taste like any of those. There is in fact one more catch with the Mystery Flavor ISO-Amino, which is that when it arrives it’s only going to be available at Campus Protein.

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