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NaNOX9 Next Gen revealed and promising extreme pumps, vascularity and hardness

nanox9 next gen

Muscletech’s all new capsule pre-workout supplement that was first teased just yesterday, has now been revealed. The product is officially titled NaNOX9 Next Gen, which longtime fans of the brand will know is actually a sequel to the discontinued Hardcore Pro Series NaNOX9. As suspected the upcoming supplement is a stimulant free pre-workout solution, and is described by Muscletech as a “next generation pre-workout nitric oxide amplifier”.

Today’s reveal of NaNOX9 Next Gen has in fact brought quite a bit of information with it, including details on what it’s been designed to do and a couple of its ingredients. As well as Muscletech’s description of the product being a “nitric oxide amplifier”, the brand also promotes it as “scientifically studied for muscle performance”, and promises “extreme pumps, vascularity and hardness”.

Moving on to the slightly more interesting topic of the NaNOX9 Next Gen ingredients we know of, there are two that we can kind of make out on its bottle. The features we’re not 100% certain on but can somewhat see are Nitrosigine inositol arginine silicate and beta-alanine. There are also numbers to go with them that again we’re not 100% certain on, but look like 1.5g for Nitrosigine and 1.6g for beta-alanine.

With Muscletech’s NaNOX9 Next Gen now revealed we definitely expect to see more of it in the coming weeks, especially in seven day’s time at the Arnold Sports Festival.

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