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Pre Extreme V4 swaps picamilon and DMAE for a handful of increases

pre extreme v4

Just as we’ve seen it do many times before, Nutrabio has made a handful of changes to one of its current supplements. The latest product to get the brand’s attention is one of its pre-workouts, the already packed out Pre Xtreme which is now appropriately named Pre Extreme V4. The change in name obviously means Nutrabio has made more than enough tweaks to call the updated supplement a sequel.

All of the big differences between Pre Extreme V4 and its predecessor come in the product’s ATP and stimulant complexes, with everything else pretty much kept the same. Firstly you have the heaviest changes from the ATP blend with the betaine being drastically increased from 1.5 to 2.5g, leucine from 2 to 3.5g, and a new creatine blend made up of 2g of monohydrate and a gram of creatine HCl.

Next we have all of the edits in the stimulant complex, which there are quite a few of. As well as changing a few doses Nutrabio has removed two stimulants for Pre Extreme V4, seeing V3’s 100mg of DMAE and 50mg of Pikatropin (picamilon) dropped. To make up for the loss the brand has also added two ingredients with 300mg of TheaPure theanine and 4mg of yohimbe HCl. As for the different stimulant doses, the supplement’s n-acetyl l-tyrosine is now at 1.2g instead of 1, and its huperzine has been doubled from 50 to 100mcg.

To get a closer look at the Pre Extreme V4 formula we have added its official, and still 100% transparent facts panel down below. If you’d like to go that one step further and purchase the new Nutrabio product, it is actually now available for pre-order direct from the brand’s website. The price on the pre-workout is $43.99 for a full size 20 serving tub with shipping of the supplement expected to start in just two days time on Friday.

Nutrabio Pre Extreme V4

pre extreme v4

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