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First look at Muscletech’s upcoming Shatter Black Onyx Neuro

Shatter Black Onyx Neuro

To round out 2015 Muscletech revealed and released a handful of new supplements for its spin-off line, the SX-7 Black Onyx Series. Early in 2016 it now looks like the brand is going to continue down that path as it has already unveiled yet another one for the black and silver line. The all new product we’ve got a look at today is in fact a spin-off of Muscletech’s Black Onyx pre-workout, with Shatter Black Onyx Neuro.

At the moment we only have a preview of Black Onyx Neuro, which confirms a few details although not as much as we’d obviously like. One of the things we get from the first look at the supplement is a short description of what separates it from the original Shatter Black Onyx. If you couldn’t guess by its name, the spin-off is a more focus powered pre-workout. The preview does also confirm Shatter Black Onyx Neuro’s amount of servings at 60 and tub weight of 321g, meaning its servings are lighter than the regular Shatter Black Onyx’s.

A few other pieces of information that we get from the first look at Black Onyx Neuro is that as well as having a good amount of focus, the product also promises “extreme muscle pumps and explosive energy”. Based on that the supplement does sound a lot like the original with the addition of focus, although as mentioned it is lighter so its formula won’t likely be just Shatter Black Onyx with focus ingredients.

Lastly we can confirm one flavor for Shatter Black Onyx Neuro in Watermelon Fusion, which we imagine won’t be the only option on its menu. As for when the product is going to be available, like a lot of its details, we don’t yet know. For now all we can say is stay tuned here for more information.

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