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SmartShake reveals and releases its modern Original2Go shaker

smartshake original2go

The original compartment shaker brand SmartShake, has introduced an all new product this week called the Original2Go. The item’s name doesn’t exactly say a whole lot about it, in fact it almost makes it sound like a more compact version of an original. The Original2Go is actually a combination of a number of shaker features, with its most interesting part being why it has “2Go” in its title.

The first feature somewhat different in SmartShake’s new Original2Go is its volume, which is a little higher than most of its shakers at 27oz or 800ml. Next you have the product’s finish where the brand has gone for a bit of a shine with a modern glossy surface. Lastly you have the feature that is somewhat to blame for the “2Go” in the item’s title, and that is its greatly improved clip. Instead of having a hole where you can manually connect the usually separate clip, the Original2Go appears to have its nicer looking attachment built-in.

Fans interested in refreshing their cupboard with a new Original2Go, can in fact already do so as the latest from SmartShake is now available. The brand has launched the supplement accessory first at GymGrossisten, a European store, which obviously isn’t going to be much help if you don’t live in Europe. No doubt the Original2Go will be released in other locations soon, although until then you can get a closer look at the shaker in the introductory video below as well as on SmartShake’s website.

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