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TruCDP joins the basic PES Superior Essentials series


While two of PES’s basic Superior Essential supplements are quite common with the creatine TruCreatine and ZMA formula TruZMA. The third product Forskolin-95, is a bit of the opposite. We’re not saying that coleus forskohlii is very rarely used, just that you don’t see too many brands out there with supplements having it that as their only ingredient. Another PES Superior Essential has now actually shown up, which falls into the same kind of category as Forskolin-95.

The fourth product confirmed as coming soon for the brand’s basic line is TruCDP. If its name didn’t quite give it away, PES TruCDP is an individual CDP-choline (citicoline) formula, featuring 250mg of the ingredient in each of its 30 capsules. Just as choline promises for all the supplements you can find it in, TruCDP has been designed to help with “improvements in cognition and attention.”

There is no word yet on exactly when PES plans on launching TruCDP, although no doubt the brand will welcome it with an introductory insider deal.



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