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Upcoming Vitalinx featuring a few more extras than expected


Following on from yesterday’s pre-order post on Pro Supps’ upcoming multi-vitamin Vitalinx, today we have the one thing that we’ve been wanting to see since the product first surfaced. We are of course talking about the final piece of the puzzle, the supplement’s official facts panel. As you’d expect the label confirms exactly what the brand is talking about in its Vitalinx description, where it says the vitamin features a “full spectrum of vitamins and minerals” as well as “prebiotic and probiotic digestive enzymes”.

Starting with some of the vitamins and minerals in Vitalinx you have half a gram of vitamin C, 50mcg vitamin B12, and 20mg of thiamin HCl. Moving on to all the ingredients thrown in on top of the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, this is where the product actually gets quite interesting. While we did know Vitalinx would have a few added digestive and weight management features, it turns out that’s not all that’s in there. The list of extras includes half a gram each of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health. ALCAR, raspberry ketones and ClA for weight loss support, and boron, white chia seeds, betaine and a 213mg digestive enzyme proprietary made up of 13 different ingredients.

Feel free to check out the complete Vitalinx label below, which you will notice is 100% transparent right through to each and every one of its extra ingredients. As mentioned yesterday you can also now pre-order the supplement direct from Pro Supps’ website for just $45.95 using the coupon code “VLINX20OFF”.

Pro Supps Vitalinx


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