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UPS Protein officially unveils its revolutionary Chocabolic


One of the first brands we decided to visit at this year’s Arnold Australia is UPS Protein. The brand did say that it would be officially unveiling its high protein chocolate bar Chocabolic at the event, and it has done just that. UPS was also talking a big game for this one and now after actually trying Chocabolic we know why.

The product is promoted as a high protein chocolate bar which we assumed meant it was just going to be another protein bar. It is carbohydrate free however that isn’t what makes this one so special. Chocabolic is believe it or not just as it’s described, a chocolate bar. To be more specific it is a solid block of chocolate with 18g of protein and zero carbohydrates, that does in fact taste like a sugar packed chocolate bar.


While we will be posting a more in-depth review on Chocabolic once we finish up in here in Melbourne, all we can say for now is the product is truly revolutionary. It’s unlike anything else on the market and definitely the closest thing to game changer we’ve seen in years.