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UPS Protein’s upcoming Chocabolic looking like a protein bar


Australian brand UPS Protein has given us somewhat of a first look at its upcoming supplement Chocabolic. In our last post on the product all we could confirm was that Chocabolic is obviously some kind of chocolate flavored supplement, with no other details available. In the new UPS preview we finally get an idea on what kind of product Chocabolic is, although the image is extremely blurry.

From what we can make out in UPS Protein’s unclear first look, Chocabolic appears to be some kind of protein bar or at least at edible type supplement. We get that from the fact that the item’s packaging, which is what’s pictured in the preview, is laid out like your typical bar with three sides to it. You can vaguely see a barcode, nutrition panel and highlights on the two back sections, then on the front the Chocabolic title and an image of its flavor.

While we can’t be 100% certain at the moment that Chocabolic is a protein bar or some kind of edible product, based on what’s been released we’re very close to 100% certain. Fortunately it won’t be too long before we find out what the item is as UPS is officially unveiling Chocabolic in just over two weeks time at the Arnold Australia.

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